Castrol Axle Differential Oil Limited Slip 90 4L 3376743


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Axle fluid for use in limited slip differentials where API GL-5 performance is required. APPLICATION Primarily recommended for use in limited slip differentials fitted to a wide range of Australian, American, Japanese, British and European vehicles. FEATURES & BENEFITS Optimised and stable friction characteristics for effective operation of limited slip differentials throughout the drain interval. Very good anti-wear and load carrying performance even under high load conditions prolongs component life. Anti-weld high tooth loadings can be tolerated. Friction modified providing desired frictional characteristics required by the clutches in the limited slip differential. High film strength providing protection against wear. Thermally stable additive chemistry less sludge and cleaner gears. SPECIFICATIONS API Service Classification GL-5 (and obsolete GL-6) SAE J306 Viscosity Classification 90 US MIL-PRF-2105F, MIL-L-2105B,C,D,E Borg Warner 5M-31, 5M-41 Ford ESW-M2C-119A, ESW-104, ESW M2C-105A Mack GO-J



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