Castrol Outboard Motor Oil 2T 4L 3377729


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A self-mixing, fully tested and approved TC-W3 standard two stroke outboard oil APPLICATION Recommended for all water cooled outboard motors using premixed fuel oil or for direct oil injection systems. FEATURES & BENEFITS The combination of specially selected base oils with the latest technology additives results in a superior product that is really miscible with fuel Superb anti-wear properties to ensure excellent engine protection Exceptional overall engine cleanliness and reduced spark plug fouling Excellent corrosion and storage protection SPECIFICATIONS Castrol Outboard 2T exceeds all the requirements of TC-W3 and is qualified for use in water cooled two stroke outboard engines operating under all conditions, including severe applications. By exceeding TC-W3 specifications, Castrol Outboard 2T is recommended where the previous specifications of TC-2, TC-W and TC-WII are nominated.



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