Castrol Syntrax LSD Oil 80W140 1L 3378345


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Castrol Syntrax 80W-140 is a high quality, full synthetic axle oil for use in a wide range of limited slip differentials and axles.Features:- Enhanced oxidation and deposit control to keep your LSD clean and maintain a long service life- Reduces LSD noise and protects against wear and corrosion of both differential components and seals- High sheer stability for enhanced bearing protectionSpecifications:- API GL-5; SAE 80W-90, 85W-90, 90, 80W-140, 85W-140 & 140 and BTRA 5M-48 certified- Dana 5M-31 & 5M-48; GM H1561 & 2010 and Ford ESZ-M2C-190A, ESW M2C-119A & ESW M2C-104A performance approved



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