Frequently Asked



What exactly is a vehicle or car wrap?

This is a process known to cover all or part of your cars, trucks vans, utes bikes or boats.

The vehicle is essentially covered in part or in full with high quality vinyl that is self adhesive.. This process basically covers over the paintwork on any part of the vehicle that is required. You may specifically designed prints or done with a plethora of solid type colors.


What is the lifespan of vinyl?

The vinyl wrap if done with quality vinyl like we use such as “3m, Hexas and techno wrap. will have 3- 5 years or more of life.

This does of course depend on look after it like any other paint work you would have.

Again also depends on the quality of the installers. Cheap prices mean shoddy work.

If your vehicle is exposed to the weather this will also effect the lifespan of the vinyl. Vehicles we did 5 years ago are still looking great like the day they drove out of our workshop.

Our vinyl manufacturers also suggest the vinyl will last up to 5 years.on vertical surfaces.

There are some products that may last a little less such as chrome. This may be 1-2 years.

Bonnets and roofs always show signs of wear first, not much different to paint on cars really.

If  you hand wash your car and store the vehicle in a garage this will extend the lifespan.


Will my paint be damaged if I vinyl wrap ?

If the car has its original paint job and no defects then pretty much No, the paint work wont be effected. The vinyl wrap actually protects the paint from suns UV ray and rain and minor scratches. So you could see this as an investment to protect the paint. Other paintwork protectors can cost $1,000 or more to keep over time.

Has your vehicle been repainted then there is no guarantee that the paint wont be effected when the vinyl wrap is removed.

It is important when you choose to have your vinyl wrap that you dont skimp on price as the quality of the vinyl and the installers may well have you looking for another job to be done if you dont get experienced teams to do it..

Something to consider when choosing a wrap company to complete your project is the experience of the installer as an inexperienced installer could inadvertently damage the paint on your vehicle while the installation is taking place. Make sure that the installers that are going to install your wrap know how to do so without cutting on the paint of your vehicle, as any cuts will not be visible to you until the wrap is removed.


Do I need to cover my whole vehicle ?

In short No. It really depends on the final design that you are after. We have many clients with designs that are 

  • Full Vinyl wraps
  • Partial vinyl wraps
  • Wind decals
  • Fully customized high end sports cars

What will my vehicle wrap cost ?

This will depend on several factors.

  • The overall design.
  • Is it a full wrap
  • Partial wrap
  • Custom car wrap
  • The materials you choose
  • Colors you choose

Check out our pricing page to get some ideas of costs.


Can you repair damaged wrap ?

If your car has been in an accident and the vinyl wrap has been damaged, we can most certainly fix the wrap. We keep all our clients graphics in case this should happen.


How long will you take on my vinyl wrap ?

Again this will depend on what designs you choose, and can  be 3-5 days.

The more intricate the design the longer it may take which can be up to 2 weeks.

Our normal deign and installation process takes up to 2 weeks from your agreeing to the invoice, to your vinyl wrap job being finished.

A digitally printed wrap require the material to be outgassed which takes a little longer.

Normal type vinyl designs we use the rolls straight away.


My car paint is damaged can I still wrap my car?

Sadly the car wrap process can only cover good painted services. Any blemishes or flaws in the paint will only be multiplied out through the vinyl . Stone chips, dents and any scratches will also show through the vinyl after it is applied. If your vehicle has flaky clear or paint will also effect the final vinyl wrap finish. The vinyl wrap will not stick or adhere to the service properly. If your car has had stickers or similar graphics and not been properly cleaned by professionals we cannot guarantee any work.

We will inspect the vehicle for troubled paint or rust areas and note that there is not a guarantee that the film will hold up on those spots.

NB. Graphics stickers can effect the paint finish on your car and will effect any additional vinylwrapping done on your car.



is it better to wrap my car than repaint it?

 You can make your car look great using the various types of vinyl wrap available that you wouldn’t be able to do by painting. 

These include giving your car an aluminium, chrome, matte or metallic look. Carbon fibre texture is also an affordable vinyl wrap finish.

Vinyl wrap is not permanent so you can always restore your car back to its original paintwork by simply removing the vinyl wrap.

 Customization is the name of the game when it comes to making your car stand out. Vinyl wrapping your car to make a statement is affordable and looks fantastic.


is car wrapping cheaper than paint?

That is a difficult question to ask as it really depends on what you choose. If its wanting to use the metallic style finishes then it is definetly cheaper than trying to get you car painted in those textures. Other costs will vary depending on materials you choose.


What are the materials that you use?

Having been in the Industry for 40 years we have seen many cheap products and had to do replacements on people vehicles because they have gone for the cheap products.

We only use the top end products for our car vinyl wrapping such as 3M Hexas and Technowrap


I want to remove my wrap can I do this?

Vinyl wrapping is not permanent and can easily be removed. Make sure it is done by a professional though as you will need to use proper adhesive removing chemicals and processes. If you don’t. you run the risk of damaging your paintwork underneath.


Can you design my Logo?

Absolutely. We have an on-board graphics design team. We will produce a several designs for you and show you different textures and materials that will make your vehicle look good and stand out. There are several stages to our design work so as to make sure you will be happy with the final outcome.


CAn you place wrap over windows?

We can wrap the vinyl over windows as as well. This is usually the back or rear window and side door windows. A perforated material is used for this to provide proper visuals for driving still. This is much safer to use as your vision is not reduced. We call this one way vision vinyl wrapping material.


Outgassing and what is it ?

With digital printing solvents are used in the ink and evaporate. Printing onto vinyl using eco solvents requires 5- 7 days prior to installing on your vehicle.If this time is not taken you will have problems arise further down the track. Better to be safe than sorry and follow the professionals advice ( thats us)

If the gasses from the solvent arn’t allowed to escape they will work their way through the vinyl and cause adhesive failures and the vinyl lifting.

We print the graphics and hang them vertically in the workshop for around 7 days. This allows the outgassing to work properly.


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